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Deep Learning in Grade 6 Buranakan

Deep Learning in Grade 6 Buranakan
at Roong Aroon School, Term 2, 2020

By Robin Martin, Scholar of Corporate Communications Department, Roong Aroon School Foundation

Introduction to Buranakan

At Roong Aroon School in primary grade 6, Teacher Kloy approaches teaching with active attention toward learning in a holistic way. Thinking of her students, she says it is especially important to develop mindsets for seeing connections and becoming more aware of the world in a systematic way. This implies integration in which she explains, “Everything is combined and related to each other. So all these connections will come back to you and then you can use that knowledge for something else in your life.”

The subject that Kloy teaches is called Buranakan, which in Thai means integration. Buranakan (pronounced as booo raana gaan) is a common word in the Thai language that means interdisciplinary learning, usually through the integration of subjects. At Roong Aroon, Buranakan is more than interdisciplinary; it is also embedded in a carefully crafted valuesoriented curriculum and delivered with a holistic approach to student development. It is designed to deepen students’ knowledge of their world through meaningful experiences and connecting with people who inspire them to want to learn more. In sync with their emerging interests, studentsknowledge, skills, and values develop together, as they become motivated to take actions that benefit themselves and their community. (Read more…)